Prop Trading Terms: Mastering the Lingo to Boost Your Trading Game

The Vernacular of Prop Trading

Ever felt lost in the sea of jargon while traders around you casually toss around phrases such as 'bears' and 'bulls'? You’re not alone. If you're stepping into the vibrant world of prop trading, grasping the slang is not just helpful—it’s essential. This guide will walk you through some of the most popular prop trading slang, ensuring you're not just surviving but thriving in this fast-paced arena.

Essential Prop Trading Slang Every Trader Should Know

Bulls and Bears

In trader talk, 'bulls' are those who expect prices to rise, while 'bears' bet on a decline. These terms paint a vivid picture of the market’s mood, essential for any trader’s vocabulary.


A 'whale' refers to traders or institutions making massive trades. Their moves can significantly influence market directions, much like a whales' movement can create waves in the ocean.

Black Swan

This term denotes an unexpected event with potentially severe consequences, derived from the belief that 'black swans' were rare or non-existent—until they were discovered.

Chasing the Dragon

This slang is for traders who increase their stake in a bid to recoup past losses, often leading them further into the red—akin to chasing an elusive or mythical creature.

Alpha and Beta

'Alpha' represents a strategy's ability to beat the market, and 'beta' indicates the market's overall volatility. Together, they gauge a trader’s swagger—can they outperform the market and handle its swings?

Yield Hog

A trader who chases higher yields from riskier investments, much like a truffle hog sniffing out truffles.

Painting the Tape

A deceptive practice where traders create a misleading appearance of activity. It's like an artist craftily painting a scene—except this one's designed to deceive.

Rinse and Repeat

The strategy of using a formula that works repeatedly until it doesn’t, similar to lather, rinse, repeat instructions on a shampoo bottle.

BTFD - Buy The Freaking Dip

A popular slang among traders, advising to buy after its price has dropped, anticipating a rally.

Noise Trader

A trader who makes decisions based on random noise or news, rather than fundamentals.

Swing for the Fences

Trying to hit a big win with a high-risk trade, much like swinging for a home run in baseball.

Melt Up

A dramatic and unexpected improvement in the asset price driven more by sentiment than by changes in fundamentals.

Alligator Spread

A spread trade that due to high commissions and costs, the potential earnings get eaten up—just like an alligator’s meal.


This trader makes numerous trades for small profit gains, mimicking the quick, small bites a scalper might take.

Market Gardening

The practice of nurturing small, steady profits, much like tending a garden.

Tape Reading

The art of studying the 'ticker tape' and making decisions based on the flow of prices.

The Takeaway: Speak the Language, Trade the Game

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