“A Powerful opportunity to leverage external funding, up to $600K in total”

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Why FundedPeaks exists.

As Germany's first pioneering evaluation prop trading firm, Funded Peaks is here to offer traders a top-tier trading environment and the necessary resources for success. Founded by seasoned trading professionals and experts from the brokerage industry, our firm provides unique offerings and training that sets us apart in the trading market.

What’s our mission?

Our mission is to empower traders to excel in the industry by offering a range of tools and resources.

Our aim is to nurture your growth, enabling you to evolve into seasoned and proficient fund managers.

FundedPeaks, the first evaluation prop trading firm in Germany, is committed to revolutionizing the trading industry by nurturing aspiring traders into proficient professionals in a tier 1 trading environment. We’re here to help traders reach their first peak—and all those that come after. Combining our deep trading expertise with unique offerings, we have streamlined operations and embraced automation. Enabling us to offer unrivaled efficiency and profitability to our traders, offering a up to a 90% profit split, easy setup, rapid payouts, and a supportive community.

We take pride in fostering a culture of success and achievement where traders can thrive and grow, unlocking the limitless possibilities of trading.

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