Funded Peaks and OTS end relationship

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Since inception, Funded Peaks has maintained a goal of delivering retail traders to the institutional trading world. Our goal originally with OTS was to bring successful traders with a long term track record with proper risk management and consistency into a mutual fund environment backed by both Funded Peaks and OTS.

The opportunity we presented to the public was named our Funded Elite Fund manager program. Funded Elite Fund Manager was for the elite traders with consistency where we would - with our partners OTS - back those traders with real mutual fund capital and share the benefit with them.

Unfortunately despite the program's initial promise it did not materialise.

To date, no one has presented a qualified track record or advanced to that level through our challenges and as such we have decided to move on from the relationship having not been able to test its full capacity or promise.

Our EliteTrader Trader program will remain as is for the benefit of the traders who did not meet the Elite fund Manager status. We will also look to bring new benefits to traders who do show appropriate risk management and consistency skills.

Funded Peaks Management.